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Last Updated: May 6, 2005

India IT Club is a Industry body managed by IT Industry Representatives in Japan. Please refer to India IT Club for more information.

About ICAT

Indian Community Activities Tokyo (ICAT) is an association of Indians living in the Kanto area of Japan. This is purely a voluntary association with no subscription or annual membership fee payable by members. The membership is open to all Indian nationals, people of Indian origin and foreign spouse of Indians living in the Kanto area. The ICAT Newsletter is sent free of cost to the members. To become a member of the association, fill out the Registration form, or just e-mail details such as name, address, details of family members, telephone numbers (work and home) and fax number to or fax the details to (03)3727-4419. Once we hear from you, you are already a member of our Community!

We urge all Indians in the Kanto area to be part of ICAT.

About this Web site

In addition to providing information on various events and functions organised by ICAT and other sources, this site also lists useful contact addresss, telephone/facsimile numbers, and HTML links of India related organisations and other places in Kanto area.

Other than this page, this site consists of What's New page that shows the changes administered to this site, Register page for registering yourself in ICAT, Events page, Useful Information page and Personal page.

This site also provides an opportunity for Indians in Kanto area to exchange and share information. As we will regularly update this site, please visit often and give us your kind feedback.

Your suggestions and opinions

We always look forward to your comments for further improving this Web site. We also greatly welcome any information that would be useful to Indians in Japan. Please feel free to send Your suggestions and opinions to us via e-mail. Thank you.